Meet Tucker, the hardest working cat in the candle business. Sometimes you just need to paws and reflect on all your accomplishments.



Our candle company started as a flicker several years ago.   Everyone on our team is an Old Grad from an academy, a private university or a state school.  The idea of launching a company together caught fire!  We love candles.  We buy candles.  We burn candles and send candles as gifts. So the idea of Old Grad Candle made complete scents.

Our goal was to create luxurious candles with clean fragrances. Old Grad candles are hand-poured in small batches using premium soy wax and a cotton core wick.  Pairing these ingredients with small-batch craftsmanship, we deliver the finest candles in the world.

Specializing in candles that make memories come alive.

Lighting an Old Grad candle is an invitation to experience memories coming alive. The hand-selected scents match the personality and meaning behind each candle.

Candles are our passion. Whether you are an Old Grad, A New Grad, A Soon-to-be Grad, or part of a Grad family, we hope you will enjoy the fragrances and experiences of our candle collection.

Our Wax & Fragrances

Soy Wax

We specialize in hand poured scented soy blended candles with single cotton core wicks.

All Natural

All our candle waxes are natural we do not add any dyes or colorization.

Highly Fragrant

Fragrance oils are at a high 8% load and are blended to match the personality and theme behind the candle.

We have a few candles options that carry a higher fragrance percentage because we all loved the scent so much.

We focus on scents that are sophisticated, enticing and hopefully will flood your room with memories.

Better Together

Our community action program is designed to give back through local support initiatives. We will select non-profit organizations that are aligned with Duty, Service, Peace & Equality.  A percentage of sales will be donated annually to community organizations across the country.  

Shop Our Collection

From first impressions to lasting memories, Old Grad candles will heighten your senses and transport you back in time while embracing the moment. Our collection of travel tins, 11 ounce and 9 ounce candles are cozy reminders of friends, favorites and fun-seekers.

Coming Soon

Old Grad Candle Company will be adding additional college themed candles to the site, as well as state specific candles and complete coastal line that can be purchased through retail outlets.

Candle Facts & Tips

That May or May Not Be Obvious

  • Burn candle for 2-3 hours on first use.  Let the candle melt across the top layer.
  • Avoid hazardous and flammable areas.
  • Keep away from moving air.
  • Trim the wick back before burning, then trim before each burn.
  • Enjoy the scents as they fill your space.
  • Never touch the melted wax… it is really hot.
  • Keep lit candle away from pets and kids.
  • Old Grad Candles are hand poured in the USA and inspired by friends and family.
  • Some fragrances are in limited supply and delivery times could vary.
  • Never let an old flame burn you twice.
  • Our 11 ounce candles tend to burn 80 plus hours with proper wick trimming.

Falling asleep in the glow of a candle sounds more dangerous than romantic!