University of Florida & Coastal Themed Candles

Our Story

Made With Love

Our candle company started as a flicker several years ago. Everyone on our team is an Old Grad from an academy, a private university or a state school. The idea of launching a company together caught fire! We love candles. We buy candles. We burn candles and send candles as gifts. So the idea of Old Grad Candle made complete scents.

Our goal was to create luxurious candles with clean fragrances. Old Grad candles are hand-poured in small batches using premium soy wax and a cotton core wick. Pairing these ingredients with small-batch craftsmanship, we deliver the finest candles in the world.

What Our Customers Say

The packaging is classy and comparable to the nicest candles on the market.”
Joseph M.
“Quality candles!!! My favorite is “Gator Girl”. The smell is intoxicating. What a clever idea! Can’t wait to share with my fellow OG’s!”
Lisa R.
“Love the look and scent of these candles.”
Dallas C.

Give the Gift of Sunshine

Coconut Soy Wax

We specialize in hand poured scented soy blended candles with single cotton core wicks.

All Natural

All our candle waxes are natural we do not add any dyes or colorization.

Highly Fragrant

Fragrance oils are at a high load and are blended to match the personality and theme behind the candle.